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Monday, July 20, 2015

Understanding Pleomorphism

Understanding Pleomorphism

Pleomorphic Products SANUM Inc., the exclusive North American distributor of medications produced in Germany by Sanum-Kehlbeck, has announced the availability of a 20-page booklet describing the origins, functions, and applications of Pleomorphism, Isopathy and Homeopathy.

Produced to enable health practitioners to begin their exploration of the value of these remedies, the booklet covers the following topics:

• Who was Gunther Enderlein?

• What is Pleomorphism?

• What is Isopathy and Homeopathy?

• Origins of Pleomorphism

• Pleomorphism and Cyclogeny

• The nature of primal germs and symbiosis

• Diseases of the Endobiosis Complex

• Foundation for Isopathic therapy

• The Isopathic preparations of the Fungal Phase Read more

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