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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Synthesis of the Work of Enderlein, Bechamps and other Pleom

Synthesis of the Work of Enderlein, Bechamps and other Pleomorphic Researchers

All mammals and most likely all other animals have two parasites. They are in a particular relationship and supplement each other.

Those two parasites or endobionts are called Mucor racemosus Fresen and Aspergillus niger van Tiegham.

Bechamp, Rife and Naessens could demonstrate that they are virtually indestructible. Neither carbonizing temperatures nor radioactive radiation can harm them.

Enderlein believed that they entered the cells of higher differentiated cell colonies as parasites while Antoine Bechamp believed that they are the essence of life in the cell.

The endobiont is always present and cannot be removed from the living cell; the clinical symptoms of a disease depend on the stadium of its development. This "fungal parasite" can be present in all tissues and organs. Read more

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