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Friday, April 29, 2016

Nine cancer cures that the Medical Mafia doesn't want you to know about

Nine cancer cures that the Medical Mafia doesn't want you to know about

Are you a health nut? Why not? What's stopping you? Do you think that it's illegal to cure diseases with food, or is that just what you read in JAMA -- The Journal of the American Medical Association? Maybe you saw some label that the FDA slapped on an organic product which says food can't claim to cure any disease or disorder -- yes -- that was probably it. That's because the only way to patent US "medicine" and make a fortune is to combine in a lab synthetic chemicals that cause horrific side effects, then pay the FDA millions to approve it. Unfortunately, that method also involves selling your soul to the Medical Mafia, who control you and perpetuate the "fake war" on cancer -- the one that actually mutates MORE human cells and leads to an early grave. Do you want to participate in THAT?

So without further adieu, here are nine cures for cancer proven by people who had cancer but no longer do! Shhhh! Don't tell the Medical-Industrial Complex.9 Cancer Cures You Might Want to Know!1. Turmeric -- Most turmeric sold in America suffers from high lead content and a high count of microbes. By purchasing cheap turmeric, you could actually be increasing the heavy metal toxins and bacteria that you consume, driving cancer cells. Do the exact opposite! Find an organic turmeric tincture that contains the phytonutrient curcumin, and you can build natural immunity.2. Hemp seed oil -- Cold-pressing the seed of the Cannabis sativa (hemp plant) produces a very important oil that is legally purchased in the United States at health food stores across the nation! It's very high in essential fatty acid content, and it does NOT contain the psychoactive THC ingredient used by people who smoke pot. A member of the achene family of fruits, it's regarded as a "superfood" due to its unique ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 essential fatty acids and contains up to 5% pure GLA, which is even higher than in spirulina. For thousands of years, hemp seed oil has been used in elixirs and medicinal teas to provide anti-mutagenic action which prevents genetic damage by free radicals and/or radiation. You probably won't see banners about it at the "pink" ribbon march or "walk for the cure."3. Reishi mushrooms -- You won't find reishi on salads at restaurants or packaged at your typical conventional grocer. Go to health food stores and check the supplements and dried powders, usually sold as capsules. Reishi have been used to treat countless ailments in the Far East for over two millennia. In China, they're called the "Mushrooms of Immortality." Reishi are meant for long-term consumption and have been linked to reduced blood pressure and improved nerve function and stamina! You might treat cancer and diabetes with reishi mushroom, just don't tell the hospital administrators or your local newspaper that it worked so well, or they might have to report you to the Medical Mafia. When you start talking about important polysaccharides and saponins that decrease cell proliferation in cancerous lungs, the oncologists' cash registers stop ringing and they send you home to LIVE!4. Melatonin -- Hello, scavengers of free radicals! Did you know that you can combat free-radical damage WHILE you sleep? It's true. Since its discovery over 50 years ago, melatonin has demonstrated itself as a functionally diverse molecule with antioxidant properties. A vast amount of experimental research has revealed its vital role in the body's defense against numerous cell-damaging free radicals because it possesses 200% more antioxidant power than vitamin E. Melatonin reduces oxidative damage and has been found to be superior to glutathione and vitamins C and E. It fights free-radical-related diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer. It's true that the body naturally produces melatonin in the brain, but if you're diabetic, borderline diabetic or over the age of 55, it's common to need supplementation Ask your naturopath!5. Real spring water without added fluoride (with average pH level of 8.8!) -- If you're fighting cancer, you most likely are in desperation to adjust your body's pH. Nearly every nutritionist on the planet would tell you to eat plenty of raw organic vegetables and fruits and consume lots of water -- and it better be real spring water to help alkalize the body,34300,1.htm.6. Baking soda -- Yes, the cheap kind that you find in most stores! Simply put a teaspoon in a glass of water daily and help alkalize your system so cancer can't even survive if it wanted to. Cancer cannot survive when your cells have plenty of oxygen and your body is not acidic. The baking soda is so simple that you'll never hear this advice from the mouth of an MD or oncologist, because the AMA/FDA/FTC will come shut them down. There's no money for the mafia-style medical establishment in selling baking soda and the formula for killing cancer Organic garlic cloves -- Beat down the pathogens thanks to over 200 biologically active components! There is a special enzyme that the "bad guys" (mutated cells) use to multiply, and it's called "ornithine decarboxylase." You could block this enzyme and cut off the enemy's "supply lines." How much easier would it be to beat cancer if cancer cells had NO fuel?!8. Apricot seed kernels -- The apricot seed "cyanide" controversy foolishly obscures an effective alternative cancer cure. Thousands of people have used apricot seeds to eliminate cancer without negative side effects. What if the "cyanide" from myths that scare you are really referring to the kind that KILLS CANCER and NOT you? Don't let the medical mafia scare you away from longevity!9. Cannabis sativa -- The "Father of Chinese Medicine" discovered the healing properties of marijuana in 2700 BC. Throughout history, the ancient Egyptians, Persians and even Greek civilizations used medical cannabis Mainstream medicine in the USA is very slow to recognize this because the DEA absurdly classifies it as a Schedule I narcotic, scaring off would-be patients and doctors.Sources for this article include:
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Doctor faked AIDS vaccine research just to get federal money -- vaccine fraud happens more often than you might think

Doctor faked AIDS vaccine research just to get federal money -- vaccine fraud happens more often than you might think

A former Iowa State University scientist who was indicted for faking the results of vaccine trials has pleaded guilty to misconduct, according to new reports. Dr. Dong Pyou Han admitted in a resignation letter that he is "very ashamed" of himself for lying about the effectiveness of an experimental vaccine for AIDS, to which he deliberately added human antibodies in order to create the illusion of a favorable immune response.


Working under the direction of Dr. Michael Cho, Dr. Han had been testing the novel vaccine for AIDS on rabbits using grant money obtained from the federal government. Based on the results he was procuring, the "GP41" vaccine appeared to be generating antibodies to the HIV virus, implying that it may be an effective treatment for AIDS.

But when the National Institutes of Health (NIH) requested samples of the rabbit sera for analysis, it was determined by another researcher at Harvard University, Dr. Ellis Reinherz, that Dr. Han had spiked the samples with human antibodies -- the rabbits, in other words, had not generated their own immune antibodies, exposing the AIDS vaccine as a scam.

"Dr. Han faked experiment results by adding human antibodies to blood draws from rabbits," reads the official complaint filed by Health and Human Services (HHS) Special Agent Blair Johnston. "[He] made it appear that Dr. Cho's AIDS vaccine was effective when, in fact, it was not."

Research scientist lied about vaccine safety and effectiveness to secure $19 million in federal funding

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Dr. Han had been tampering with the research results for years, presumably in order to maintain continued funding from NIH. According to Courthouse News Service (CNS), Dr. Han had raked in a whopping $19 million in federal grant money prior to being exposed for fraud.

"I was foolish, (a) coward, and not frank," confessed Dr. Han. "My misconduct [was] not done in order to hurt someone. [M]y foolishness ... [is] my fault and responsibility."

Despite working with others on the tampered research, Dr. Han was the only scientist in his lab indicted. At his May 29 sentencing hearing, he faces a fine of up to $250,000 and up to five years in prison on each of two counts.

Merck exposed multiple times for faking MMR trial data to conceal mumps vaccine failure and to hide link between MMR and autism

Procuring favorable outcomes in vaccine trials by any means necessary is really nothing new. It's the name of the game when it comes to securing federal funding, which is really what most scientists are after.

A similar situation occurred at private vaccine manufacturer Merck & Co., which was exposed for threatening its employees over faked vaccine trial data. As we reported back in early February, former Merck virologist Stephen A. Krahling was threatened with jail time by Merck management after he attempted to notify the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about scientific fraud at the company.

The mumps component of Merck's combination MMR vaccine had not been reaching the necessary 95 percent efficacy threshold required by the FDA to keep it on the market, claim Krahling and his colleague Joan Wlochowski, so Merck officials resorted to falsifying data in order to reach the required threshold.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower William Thompson has also come forward with information about MMR fraud, revealing that vaccine trial data had been tampered with in order to conceal the fact that MMR causes autism, particularly in young black boys.


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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chronically ill woman ditches four of her seven medications

Chronically ill woman ditches four of her seven medications

When it comes to America's food industry, profit trumps public health all day, every day. Whoever can sell the lowest quality food for the highest price wins, which is why Big Food companies like Kellogg's, Kraft, General Mills and a few others, hold a monopoly on our food supply. Junk-food junkie turned nutrition and health coach, Kelly Hayford, knows this all too well, which is why she wrote a book exposing our "fake-food culture."


If it's Not Food...Don't Eat It! describes how toxic chemical additives found in most processed foods affect our weight and overall health. The following is a snippet from her book:

When Betty first came to me she was in constant pain. She was taking seven different medications, had severe osteoarthritis, could barely walk, and had to catheterize herself daily. She had heard that making certain dietary changes could be beneficial to her health, and that there were natural herbs and supplements might be helpful as well.

But she didn't know much about it and because her condition was so severe, she doubted that such an approach could actually do anything for her. In addition, her healthcare plan did not cover such expenses. Betty came to me only because the price of her medications was increasing to a level she could no longer afford, and her persistent friend had insisted.

Replacing medications with healthy food

Upon reviewing her food diary, a requirement for all incoming clients, I asked Betty if any of her doctors had ever inquired about her diet or given her any dietary guidelines. She told me that none had ever asked. Her food diary revealed a Standard American Diet (SAD). It looked like something an average American might be eating, and that was the problem.

Global Healing Center® is a leading natural health provider offering natural and organic supplements, cleanses, and a wealth of free natural health articles.

Betty was skeptical about my recommendations at first, but I kept encouraging her to give them a try. "Trust me," I would say, "the results will convince you." Out of desperation she reluctantly followed my advice, and was delighted, when in just a few short weeks, she was able to go off four of her medications, became virtually pain-free, could walk without using her walker, had lost a few pounds, and was generally beginning to feel much better. In addition, Betty's latest cholesterol test results were below what they had been when she was taking cholesterol-lowering medication.

What did Betty do to achieve such dramatic improvements in her health in such a short period of time? It might surprise you to know that Betty didn't cut or count calories or carbohydrates or fat, go on a special diet, deprive herself of favorite foods, take a special pill or herbal formula, undergo hypnosis, or start an intensive workout program. 

Taking chemicals out of your diet

She simply made the switch from the low-quality, chemical-laden processed food brands she had been eating for years to higher quality, additive-free natural food brands of the same foods. She also began to include a small amount of whole, fresh, natural foods, primarily a couple of fresh fruits or vegetables, into her diet each day.

How can this be so? This is so because the most popular brands of processed, packaged chemical-laden foods (pseudofoods) so widely consumed today are injurious to the body. In fact, poor eating habits characterized by the regular consumption of these fake foods, saturated with refined sugar, sodium, unhealthy fats, and toxic chemicals, are the greatest weapon of mass destruction the world has ever known. Not a weapon in the usual sense, but a weapon nonetheless, as a result of the devastation it is causing, as Betty was experiencing. But Betty isn't the only one suffering.

As a result of the regular consumption of low-quality nutrient-deficient food, our nation has recently entered into the beginning stages of a major health crisis; a health crisis of such magnitude that it has the potential to change life in America as we know it.

This poor eating syndrome is the most insidious kind of weapon of mass destruction because, aside from the obvious diet-related conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, few people realize that it is the root cause of all chronic dis-ease. I use the term dis-ease as it encompasses not only established diseases, but any symptoms or conditions people experience that cause their bodies or minds to become ill at ease.

The standard American diet

In America between 1980-1997, the average per capita consumption of major food commodities per person, per year included:

- 111 lbs. red meat - 580 lbs. dairy products

- 29 lbs. ice cream - 53 gallons soft drinks

- 66 lbs. fats and oils - 39 gallons alcohol

- 150 lbs. wheat - 24 gallons coffee

- 154 lbs. sugar

For more on Hayford's book, pick up a copy here today!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Antibiotics linked to obesity in children

Antibiotics linked to obesity in children

Children who are exposed to more antibiotics before the age of two are also more likely to become obese, according to a study conducted by researchers from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.


The study is only the latest to show a potential connection between excessive antibiotic use early in life and the later development of chronic health conditions. Researchers believe that these links may stem from the fact that early antibiotic use hampers the development of a healthy community of beneficial bacteria in the body, known as the microbiome.

Obesity risk rises more than 10 percent

The researchers reviewed health records spanning the years 2001 to 2013 for nearly 65,000 children. They found that almost 70 percent of all children had received at least one course of antibiotics by the age of two; on average, each child received 2.3 courses of antibiotics by that age. The most common conditions treated with antibiotics at this age were bronchitis, ear infections and other common conditions of childhood.

By age two, 23 percent of the children in the study were already overweight. By ages three and four, the numbers had climbed to 30 percent and 33 percent, respectively. The rates of obesity at these ages were 10 percent, 14 percent and 15 percent, respectively.

Children who had received four or more courses of antibiotics by age two were 11 percent more likely to become obese by the study's end than children who had not received any antibiotics by age two. Children who had received even one course of broad-spectrum antibiotics (antibiotics that kill most bacterial species, rather than being targeted at a specific variety) were 16 percent more likely to become obese than children not given antibiotics.

Global Healing Center® is a leading natural health provider offering natural and organic supplements, cleanses, and a wealth of free natural health articles.

These effects were seen after researchers adjusted for the influence of other risk factors, including health factors, race and income.

The findings are consistent with those of prior studies, which showed a connection between antibiotics and obesity They suggest that, along with other factors such as diet and exercise, antibiotics may be a contributing factor to childhood weight gain.

"It may be a piece of the puzzle," researcher Charles Bailey, MD, PhD, said.

"Assault" on natural microbiome

While scientists have known for many years that overuse of antibiotics in both health and agriculture can accelerate the evolution of drug-resistant bacteria, it is only in recent years that researchers have begun to examine the effects of antibiotics on our body's microbiome. This has coincided with increasing understanding of the way that our body's 100 trillion beneficial bacteria help regulate everything from digestion to mood to immune function.

Studies have shown that gut bacteria can affect the way that the body absorbs calories, which may partially explain the link between antibiotics and obesity

According to Martin Blaser, director of the Human Microbiome Program at New York University, the degradation of our microbiomes may be responsible for the surging rates of many chronic health problems, from allergies and asthma to autism. And it's not just antibiotics -- other practices also degrade our microbiomes. For example, research shows that babies delivered via cesarean section have compositions of gut bacteria that are different from vaginally delivered babies. They also show abnormal immune function.

"It's coming in every direction," said Blaser, who was not involved in the obesity study. "We're really assaulting our microbiome."

Although research is increasingly highlighting the risks of prolific antibiotic use, very little change has taken place in prescribing practices, or in agricultural antibiotic use.

"Right now, everyone is giving antibiotics, thinking they are 'free,'" Blaser said. "Once there is evidence that they have costs, the calculation begins to change."


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