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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The 10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History

The 10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History
If you’ve ever questioned whether your doctor really knows what he or she is talking about, these shocking medical practices of years gone by will give you some fodder for your suspicions.

Although they may sound unbelievable, these medically approved remedies were at one time all the rage.

1. Children’s soothing syrups. Used for teething and nursing infants, and also to “cure colic, cramps, dysentery, canker sores and pain,” these syrups were “soothing” because they contained morphine, chloroform, codeine, heroin, opium and cannabis.

2. Mercury. This toxic metal that can cause heart and lung problems, psychotic reactions, delirium, tremors, chest pain and more, was used for centuries to treat everything from cuts to constipation. Read more

Friday, March 27, 2015

Most loading factor for the Ur germ, or also the Endobiont or also Protit

Most loading factor for the Ur germ, or also the Endobiont or also Protit 

Most loading factor for the Ur germ, or also the Endobiont or also Protit, is before-all-hires wrong the way of life and thinking, so that the Apathogen can to develop to the Pathogen and be able diseased disturbances to be released. From friends to enemies. The naturopathy is anxious to let from enemies again friends become. In addition the modulators are used.

A most important condition: the patient must help!!!

The Cyclogenie kept until today despite neglect by the training medicine persistent alive. Today she celebrates a considerable national due to the rapid development of the dark field diagnostics and therapy like international Renaissance.

Micro organisms can develop in the Erythrozyten or from the sources of infection devitale teeth (dead teeth), dental herd without life, root granulome (inflammatory fabric) and intestine to develop, of where from the blood is infected over well-known haematogen and lymphogen ways. Both is supposed the case. If the intestine with purposeful cleaning cures and different Therapeutica is reorganized and afterwards by sporen, viruses, bacteria and mushrooms is free, the blood values improve spontaneously!!! Read more

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA)

Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA)

This simple test, Biological Terrain Assessment, or BTA 2000, costs about $150 and analyzes small amounts of blood, urine, and saliva to provide data about the current state of the building blocks of the body - your enzymes, amino acids, molecules, cells, and electrons. When you know how the chemistry of your body Is functioning, you can make lifestyle adjustments that support improvements in health. What is exciting about this particular test is its ability to pick up prepathological changes in the body that predispose one to bacterial and viral infections, as well as many chronic diseases.

BTA is a powerful health screening instrument that provides valuable biochemical information about cellular function and cellular metabolism in the tissues, organs, and systems of the body. This includes such data as oxygen transport, nutrient delivery, waste removal, mineral retention, cellular absorption, and multiple metabolic chemical interactions.More specifically, it measures the acid/base balance, the degree of oxidative stress (how well your body is breaking down foods, and how much your body Is being affected by toxins), and the concentration of minerals in your three body fluids. The blood measurements are good indicators of cell function all over the body. The saliva measurements reflect liver function very well, since most of the saliva is lymph, and most lymph is produced in the liver. Finally, the urine measurements reflect how well the kidneys are functioning. The kidneys filter the blood, so whatever Is In the first morning urine represents what the body has too much of.In doing so, the BTA provides an understanding of your biochemistry, your internal biological terrain. It is not diagnostic for any specific pathology or disease states. Rather, the test data can impart objective analytical guideposts about the lymphatics and liver systems, the kidneys, and the blood itself. It also imparts knowledge about various bodily functions before any pathology develops.All of this provides valuable guidelines for the treatment of illness and the maintenance of health. It also is an objective way to determine if the course of your treatment is supporting or hindering progress. Remember, as the cells, tissues, and organs of the body Improve In function, you are much more able to think clearly and to heal. The BTA helps us monitor the improvement In your internal biochemistry.Read more

Wednesday, March 25, 2015



In normal healthy subjects chylomicrons are lysed by lipo-
proteolytic enzymes in the liver and peripheral tissues within
fifteen minutes of absorption. What appears in the blood after
this time are chylomicron fragments that contain varying
amounts of lipid material dependent on what physiologic defect
is responsible for the presence of the chylomicronis fragments.

Severe chylomicronemia is the result of dietary fat intake.
This finding should not be present in a patient who has fasted
over six hours. Since this patient has fasted and severe
chylomicronemia has been noted it is important to determine the
cause of this pathological finding as it is associated with
many disease states involving fat metabolism. Chylomicronis
material is made up largely of triglycerides and to a lesser
extent of phopholipids, cholesterol and protein and the
majority of subjects displaying severe grades of chylo-
micronemia will exhibit elevated values of blood fats.

Several diseases may be associated with this finding including:
Diabetes mellitus, hyperglyceridemia, multiple myeloma,
systemic lupus erythematosus, pancreatitis, and decreased
hepatic function. Drug therapies may result in chylomicronemia
especially estrogen and glucocorticoids. Read more

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Book's Blood Examination in Darkfield Microscopy Recommendation

Book's Blood Examination in Darkfield Microscopy Recommendation

Here some book recommendation's:

Introduction Into Darkfield Diagnostics by Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlein

A Comprehensive Guide to Sanum Therapy by Guenther Enderlein


The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health: Dr. Rau's Diet for Whole Body Healing by Thomas Rau and Susan Wyler

The Blood and Its Third Element by Antoine Bechamp 

Bechamp or Pasteur? by Ethel, D Hume
An Introduction to Antoine Bechamp by Douglas Hume 

Blood and its Third Anatomical Element by A. Bechamp

Bechamp or Pasteur: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Douglas Hume

The Mystery of Fermentation by Douglas Hume

Praxis der SANUM-Therapie by Harald Krebs

Praxisleitfaden SANUM-Therapie nach Prof. Enderlein by Günter Weigel

Praxisleitfaden Dunkelfeld-Vitalblutuntersuchung by Günter Weigel

more info about the Live Blood Course at:

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Microscopy Course on the topic of Live Blood Cell Analysis with Certificate

We provide monthly presentations on CAM (complementary and alternative) therapies to students and faculty in order to facilitate the understanding of these therapies in an integrative model of healthcare.
This unique course covers the width and breath of this very interesting topic. The objective of this course is to give you readily applicable knowledge of phase contrast, darkfield and brightfield microscopy. In order to give you a broad and balanced perspective, it encompasses both the present medical view, the latest research as well as the pleomorphic view.

*Student from KL Malaysia in the Class of Dr. Eddy's Live Cell Blood Analysis Courses. ( Available every month)