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Wednesday, March 25, 2015



In normal healthy subjects chylomicrons are lysed by lipo-
proteolytic enzymes in the liver and peripheral tissues within
fifteen minutes of absorption. What appears in the blood after
this time are chylomicron fragments that contain varying
amounts of lipid material dependent on what physiologic defect
is responsible for the presence of the chylomicronis fragments.

Severe chylomicronemia is the result of dietary fat intake.
This finding should not be present in a patient who has fasted
over six hours. Since this patient has fasted and severe
chylomicronemia has been noted it is important to determine the
cause of this pathological finding as it is associated with
many disease states involving fat metabolism. Chylomicronis
material is made up largely of triglycerides and to a lesser
extent of phopholipids, cholesterol and protein and the
majority of subjects displaying severe grades of chylo-
micronemia will exhibit elevated values of blood fats.

Several diseases may be associated with this finding including:
Diabetes mellitus, hyperglyceridemia, multiple myeloma,
systemic lupus erythematosus, pancreatitis, and decreased
hepatic function. Drug therapies may result in chylomicronemia
especially estrogen and glucocorticoids. Read more

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