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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA)

Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA)

This simple test, Biological Terrain Assessment, or BTA 2000, costs about $150 and analyzes small amounts of blood, urine, and saliva to provide data about the current state of the building blocks of the body - your enzymes, amino acids, molecules, cells, and electrons. When you know how the chemistry of your body Is functioning, you can make lifestyle adjustments that support improvements in health. What is exciting about this particular test is its ability to pick up prepathological changes in the body that predispose one to bacterial and viral infections, as well as many chronic diseases.

BTA is a powerful health screening instrument that provides valuable biochemical information about cellular function and cellular metabolism in the tissues, organs, and systems of the body. This includes such data as oxygen transport, nutrient delivery, waste removal, mineral retention, cellular absorption, and multiple metabolic chemical interactions.More specifically, it measures the acid/base balance, the degree of oxidative stress (how well your body is breaking down foods, and how much your body Is being affected by toxins), and the concentration of minerals in your three body fluids. The blood measurements are good indicators of cell function all over the body. The saliva measurements reflect liver function very well, since most of the saliva is lymph, and most lymph is produced in the liver. Finally, the urine measurements reflect how well the kidneys are functioning. The kidneys filter the blood, so whatever Is In the first morning urine represents what the body has too much of.In doing so, the BTA provides an understanding of your biochemistry, your internal biological terrain. It is not diagnostic for any specific pathology or disease states. Rather, the test data can impart objective analytical guideposts about the lymphatics and liver systems, the kidneys, and the blood itself. It also imparts knowledge about various bodily functions before any pathology develops.All of this provides valuable guidelines for the treatment of illness and the maintenance of health. It also is an objective way to determine if the course of your treatment is supporting or hindering progress. Remember, as the cells, tissues, and organs of the body Improve In function, you are much more able to think clearly and to heal. The BTA helps us monitor the improvement In your internal biochemistry.Read more

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